Closeing a loophole in the Animal Fighting Ring.

Since 2011 the Alliance for Progressive Values has been lobbying Congress to criminalize the act of attending and/or bringing a minor to an animal fighting event.  To us it seemed like commonsense law making to guarantee that spectators at these loathsome illegal events should be held accountable and in particular those who would seek to indoctrinate and abuse children by introducing them at a tender age to some of the most vicious and barbaric “sport” imaginable.

This month President Obama signed the controversial and in many ways disappointing Farm Bill into law and while we have plenty of concerns about this legislation, we are proud and pleased to note that it contains the language on animal fighting that APV and many other groups have been looking to include.

Here is a link to a story on the federal law and here is our letter to Congress from 2011 in support of then current legislation.  Congratulation in particular to our former president Stephanie Rodriguez who fought hard for this, these things take time, but we get results.

APV Letter to Congress

Animal Fighting