APV Summer Fundraiser

It’s time for our APV Summer Fundraiser!

It has already been a very busy year for us at APV, starting with the Virginia General Assembly in January where we introduced legislation to end the practice of so called “conversion therapy” on LGBT minors and stood up for clean energy and against lax gun laws. This spring we’ve been busy: testifying in front of the Virginia Board of Health against implementation of TRAP (Targeted Regulations against Abortion Providers) and most recently in Washington D.C. where we testified before City Council on LGBT issues. We have been hard at work here in Richmond as well with our so far successful efforts to stop the planned baseball park in historic Shockoe Bottum and our always popular Salons at Helen’s Restaurant on the third Monday of each month.

Later this year we will be bringing back our documentary film festival at a new location and with more tie-in events. We’ll be tabling at Richmond’s annual Pride Festival and we’ll be working to educate voters in the run up to the November elections about the new voting laws that came into effect on July 1st. We continue to have a robust and influential presence at the Richmond School Board, where we lobby hard for smart, community based solutions to serious education issues. This fall we plan to be in the Shenandoah Valley talking with local citizens about the dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) to their ground water table and many of us will be in New York in September to demonstrate against inaction on climate change before national and world leaders. We’re also beginning to plan our legislative agenda for 2015 which will include further legislation to end ex-gay counseling of minors and a serious attack on one of the pillars of the failed drug war, our state’s draconian marijuana laws.

We manage to do all this with a volunteer staff and a shoe string budget, and the fact is we want to and in fact can do more with your help! We come to you this summer asking for your help in continuing our work. Can we count on you? I know Virginia can feel like a pretty lonely place for a Progressive these days, but you’re not alone and you can have confidence that APV is here every day giving your progressive values a strong voice in the corridors of power.

As out President Scott Price likes to say

“For a small group we punch way above our weight class and we sure do a lot with a little”

Won’t you please consider a generous donation to the Alliance for Progressive Values today?

Thank you for your help: Rhonda Hening
Vice President, Alliance for Progressive Values

Make donations at the link on our website.

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APV June Salon

Dear Friends

Our Salon this month will be an open forum for APV members and Staff to discuss topics of interest. We have a lot to talk about: What the loss of the Virginia Senate means for the future of Medicaid expansion, The future of TRAP laws in Virginia, Fracking in the Commonwealth, rail safety in light of the Lynchburg train derailment, the fall of Rep. Eric Cantor and the prospects for the 7th District race, the continued debate over the mayor’s stadium plan, controversial building projects in the city, the scandal over pay and perks for former Richmond city employees, proposed changes in school schedules, upcoming bills in Congress and the General Assembly and other issues that matter to you.

Please join us Monday, June 16th, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. as APV continues our monthly Salon at Helen’s.

The third Monday of each month APV invites members and guests to a casual, after work get together at Helen’s Restaurant, 2527 West Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220 for a complimentary light dinner (cash bar for wine and beer).

*Please note that our monthly Salon meeting day has changed to the third Monday of each month.

So please join us for a great evening–and bring a friend!

Yours Truly,
Scott Price
President, Alliance for Progressive Values

APV President, Scott Price testifies febore the Virginia Board of Health, June 5, 2014

APV Speaks Up For Womone’s Reproductive Rights

“There are three pillars on which a women’s right to choose in Virginia stand: abortion must be safe and it must be legal but those two pillars mean nothing without the third which is that it must be available. TRAP was designed to keep women from having access to treatment. We call on the Board to revisit the regs in that light.” Scott Price, President, Alliance for Progressive Values

APV, along with Virginia NOW, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other Pro Choice organizations and individuals today (06/05/14) asked the Virginia Board of Health to rely on science and medical best practices in reevaluating so called TRAP (Target Regulations against Abortion Providers) regulations scheduled to go into effect next month. These punitive and medically useless regulations were forced through the GA in 2011 and then approved by the Board after veiled threats and political pressure from the former administration and then AG Ken Cuccinelli. It is our contention that the regs as constituted should not apply to any clinic in Virginia, either new or existing.


APV President, Scott Price testifies febore the Virginia Board of Health, June 5, 2014

APV President, Scott Price testifies before the Virginia Board of Health, June 5, 2014

A Win at City Council and a Win for the City


“We hope that this would be a sign that the mayor is seeing the light here,” says Scott Price with Alliance for Progressive Values. Channel 8 News


Tonight Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones withdrew his official plan to construct a baseball stadium in the historic Shockoe Bottom district of the city.  APV has lobbied constantly in opposition to what we feel is a vaguely explained, poorly thought out, potential white elephant that would sit on top of some of the most sensitive and important archeological sites in Virginia and in fact America, the site of a major slave market through which the ancestors of a significant portion of all current African Americans may have passed.

This weekend 5 of the 9 City Council members indicated that they would vote against the proposal which has been light on details and heavy on pressure.  We want to thank the Council members who had the courage to ask hard questions and stand their ground when it would have been easier to give in.  For the last half year the mayor has pushed hard for this plan that features noncompetitive contracts, ex-felon developers (guilty of bribing former members of this same City Council), suspect numbers and no articulated plan to address traffic, parking or other basic issues.

We worked hard to stop this proposal in its tracks and we can claim a real victory here, but the mayor has made it clear that he has no intention of backing down and aims to come back with the same ballpark venture once he has got his talking points in order.  APV opposes the current plan and we will be here to closely scrutinize any new developments or suggestions.  This is not over, but the large and vocal crowds and the many members and citizens that spoke out over the last 6 months had a strong effect on the outcome and we can be veryproud of our role.  We say it a lot, but it is true, when people stand up, they win!

We have a long road ahead of us, but tonight we won.

Thank You All!

Richmond Times Dispatch

NBC 12




What We Have Been Fighting For!

What We Have Been Fighting For!

Three years ago APV was founded in part in response to the underhanded and thuggish passage of the so called TRAP law by the Virginia General Assembly and signed by then Governor McDonnell. These Targeted Regulations against Abortion Providers were designed to put existing women’s health clinics out of business by forcing them to adhere to medically useless, economically prohibitive regulations. APV stood beside women’s health organizations, medical professionals and grass roots activists to organize protests including the historic February 2012 protest at the Capitol, pictured on our FB page. We have consistently lobbied, educated, testified and marched against TRAP in the years since and today it began to pay off as Governor McAuliffe started the process that should ultimately overturn TRAP in Virginia. APV members can take pride in knowing that you were a part of making this happen. This fight is far from over and we need to keep the pressure on, but clearly this is a victory for Virginia women and for the state as a whole. Thank You all!




Those who were with us last year will remember that Ralph was our guest at the APV Oyster Roast. here’s his statement on the new BoH appointments.

Lieutenant Governor Northam’s Statement on new members of the Board of Health

I am very pleased that Governor McAuliffe has chosen to appoint such a strong group of individuals to the Board of Health. These new appointees are experienced professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. While the Board of Health deals with a diversity of issues, unfortunately its decisions in the last few years have been notable for their adverse affects on women’s reproductive rights and safe access to healthcare. I am supportive of the Governor’s request for a review of the TRAP regulations and I am hopeful that the Board will conduct an independent review genuinely focused on health and safety, and absent of outside political influences.