APV Members Running for Mayor of Richmond!

APV Members Running for Mayor of Richmond!

April 7th, 2016

Big night at the candidate forum held last night at Virginia Union University. We are very proud that two of the people running for mayor are also APV members. Lillie A. Estes and Farid Alan Schintzius both did a great job of outlining intelligent, Progressive options for the City of Richmond going forward. Either’s election would mark a sharp divergence from the current machine politics that have dominated this area for almost a decade.

Coverage from The Richmond Times Dispatch


APV General Assembly Funding Drive 2016

In 2016 the Alliance for a Peogressive Virginia will be back at the Virginia General Assembly fighting for our basic Progressive values of social justice, economic fairness and good government. APV sponsors and works to pass legislation on topics such as women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, common sense gun laws, clean energy and the environment and justice system reform. APV is an all volunteer organization with a dedicated staff who sacrifice their time and energy during the session to give your values a voice in Richmond. Please help us do this important work in 2016.

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APV on the AIR!

Click Here to Listen Now: APV on the Air

APV is on the Air!  For some time here at Alliance for a Progressive Virginia we have wanted to be able to communicate in a more immediate and personal manner with our members and followers than we felt we were getting from the internet and social media alone and thought we needed to have a larger stage than at our monthly Salons at Helens, great as those are.

We wanted to provide a platform that would be both entertaining and educational and we also wanted to play some great music and share some great pod-casts.  So we have created “APV on the Air,” a product of the Alliance for a Progressive Virginia.  APV on the Air is an internet radio station that not only plays music but provides a progressive voice in the heart of the Old Dominion.

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out some original programing and plenty of music and talk.  We’re hoping you’ll enjoy what we’re doing and consider getting more involved, after all our day job hasn’t changed and we still need plenty of help changing hearts and minds and protecting our shared progressive values, but if all you are doing is listening and maybe making a donation now and then when you encounter something you really like that will be just fine too.


Saturday Morning Old Time Radio
9-12pm Old Time Radio Review
A collection of classic radio programs from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and even 60s.
In the spirit of the great Ed Walker at WMAU in Washington D.C. spend your morning with the likes of Abbot and Costello, Marshall Matt Dillon or Johnny Dollar the insurance investigator with the action packed expense account.

Sunday through Wednesday Night APV Podcast Party
A selection from our favorite pod-casts including humor, culture, science and current events.

Stay Tuned for more information about upcoming programing including broadcasts from the 2016 Virginia General Assembly, interviews and opinion as well as some hip shaken good tunes:)

A word about the service provider we are using.  Live365 is a for profit company that provides bandwidth, server space and pays all royalties for the music and programs we present.  APV is not affiliated in any other way with Live365 and you are not required to sign up or purchase anything to listen to APV on the Air.

Funding for APV on the Air comes from a generous private, targeted donation.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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APV Teams with Transparency Virginia for Press Conference

APV is partnering with over 20 other organizations and not-for-profits to release this report on transparency at the General Assembly.  The press conference is on Tuesday, April 14th and is open to the public, please join us.



Transparency Virginia, which was formed to monitor transparency at the General Assembly, releases a report assessing and measuring the transparency and openness of the Virginia Legislative process. The new report, “The Virginia General Assembly: The Case for Improved Transparency” evaluates both legislative bodies on how well lawmakers adhered to basic transparency practices during the 2015 General Assembly session. The report reveals both anecdotes and statistics on the openness of how legislation is disposed of, and the ability of citizens to reasonably participate in the legislative process. TV used publicly available information and the findings of its members to measure against three key inquiries: meeting notices, consideration of legislation, and recording of votes. TV hopes the findings will spark greater efforts for public participation and inclusion in the legislative process, and is hopeful that opening the rules, conduct and process of the legislature will move greater public interest and participation.

Among its observations, TV members found:
• Multiple instances where public notice of upcoming House and Senate committee or subcommittee (“sub/ committee”) meetings was so short as to make public participation nearly impossible;
• Scores of bills in the House and Senate that were never given a hearing; and
• In the House, 76% of bills and resolutions killed in sub/committee without a recorded vote or any vote at all,
versus 7% of bills defeated in the same way in the Senate.


Tuesday, April 14th, 10 a.m.


Press Conference will be in the House briefing Room in the Virginia General Assembly Building
The Report will be available at: https://transparencyvirginia.wordpress.com/ after 10AM Tuesday, April 14th.Embargoed Copies to the Press available 4/13/15.


The report includes cover art, statistics from the 2015 legislative session, and charts explaining findings.

# # #

Transparency Virginia (TV) is an informal collection of advocacy groups and non-profits that advocate at the General Assembly on behalf of issues important to their members, and others in the public. TV believes in openness and transparency in the legislative process in Virginia, and was formed to measure and improve public understanding, trust, and participation at the legislature.