LGBTQ Equality

Since our founding in 2011, APV has stood with the LGBTQ community, in Richmond, across the Commonwealth and across the nation.  We have spoken out against hate and intolerance and for societal acceptance and legal equality.  We have marched, spoken out and testified from the street to the halls of Congress and we continue to be a part of the larger LGBTQ advocacy family for as long as it takes.

APV supports marriage equality nationally and here in Virginia we support efforts to remove the outdated language that bans same sex marriage from the Virginia constitution.

APV supported and helped pass anti-discrimination legislation that addressed legal discrimination in the public/private sectors in hiring and the housing market. Since their passage, APV continues to defend these laws in the face of opposition from the Youngkin administration.

Since 2014 APV has championed legislation to protect minors from the unsafe and medically fraudulent practice of so-called conversion therapy by state licensed clinicians. In 2020, We passed that law!

At a time when suicide and murder are the most common causes of death among members of the Transgender community, APV stands with them in educating the public and seeking legal protection for this vulnerable community, especially transgender children.

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