Each year gun related fatalities in the United States top 30,000. This extraordinary loss of life is a clear public health hazards as real and serious as tobacco use or automobile accidents.  We need to take swift action to curtail this epidemic of violence.

APV helped pass Red Flag legislation and a gun ban for those convicted of domestic assult.

APV has spoken out in public and at the Virginia General Assembly in favor of common-sense gun laws.

APV supports expanded background checks and an end to the so called “gun show” loophole.

APV supports bringing back the “one gun a month” law that for a time helped dry up the stream of guns flowing north to cities like New York and Boston.

APV supports bringing back the Assault Weapons Ban and fixing the loopholes in it so that military style long guns are no longer easily available to the general public.

APV supports technology that would render guns safer and ammunition easier to track.

APV supports initiatives that would prohibit individuals who are on federal “No Fly” and “Terrorist Watch” lists from legally buying firearms.

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