Oh What a Night!

Congratulations Virginia! You just made history and sent a message that is being heard around the nation. For seven years APV has been at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond working to protect the most vulnerable members of our society from a rapacious and downright cruel brand of modern conservatism. It hasn’t been easy and we’ve lost more fights than we’ve won but we never gave up.

On November 7, 2017 the tide turned. The historic electoral victories across the Commonwealth are cause for serious celebration and we here at APV are certainly enjoying the moment, but we aren’t planning on resting for long. There’s a lot of work to do in the coming months to get ready for what will be a very different General Assembly session in 2018. We need your help if we are going to capitalize on the gains made on election day.

Will you consider making a $25 donation today to the Alliance for a Progressive Virginia. We have an historic opportunity before us, you can help us make the most of it.


Thanks Mayor Stoney for a Great Event

Thanks Mayor Stoney for a Great Event

Right to left: Scott Price, Rhonda Henning, Mayor Stoney and Kortenay Gardiner.

Very pleased to have Mayor Stoney join us at our October Salon at Helen’s.  the Moyor got some tough but good spirited questioning during the evening but left with a smile on his face. We look forward to having him back next year!


Dear Ralph

Dear Ralph

Last week APV members got together to record this video-letter to Democratic Party Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, voicing our concerns about the proposed MVP and ACP pipelines and the expansion of fracking in the Commonwealth.  We have a lot of respect for doctor Northam and we know he’ll take our concerns seriously, but he needs to act soon, the election is getting closer every day.

Today, the federal government is in the hands of men who either don’t understand or don’t care about the on going crisis of global climate change. Worse, they want to use our beautiful state as a proving ground for their reckless and dangerous ideas. We need a governor who will state forcefully and on the record his opposition to further fossil fuel expansion in Virginia. Our time, effort and money needs to be turned towards the clean and renewable energy choices of the future, not the past.

See the video here

On Charlottesville

On Charlottesville


The Alliance for a Progressive Virginia stands in solidarity with the brave men and women who went to Charlottesville Virginia to confront and condemn the neo-Nazis who planned to gather there yesterday. We are broken-hearted at the injury and loss of life that resulted from the cowardly and vicious attack on unarmed, peaceful protesters by one the fascists. Sadly, we are not entirely surprised. The so called “alt-right” is a vehicle for a kind of politics that has not existed in this country for many, many years. It is politics predicated on racism, chauvinism and violence and must be resisted at every turn.

As a progressive organization APV rejects violence as a means of political change, but we will not stand idle while an out of control right wing spreads hatred and fear across our commonwealth and our nation. We are in the process of assessing what we can and should do in reaction to recent events, not only those in Charlottesville yesterday, but across our country. We wish in particular to condemn and denounce president Trump whose rhetoric has stoked the fires of violence and bigotry during his campaign and after the election. His prevarication and cowardly relativism at this time, when our nation is in real need of steady, competent leadership is sadly, exactly what we have come to expect from him.

Our hearts are with the individuals and their families and friends who were injured or killed yesterday. We will be posting verified links to places where the public can donate to help them with expenses.

Make no mistake, our country and the democratic values that so many have given their lives to defend, not just on foreign soil, but here at home, in the streets, is under siege by forces that would change and pervert our sacred concepts of freedom and justice. They must not be allowed to succeed. Small as we are, APV and its members will find our place and make our stand.

Rhonda Hening

President, Alliance for a Progressive Virginia

August 13th, 2017

APV staff and members visit Sen. Kaine just before the latest healthcare vote. July, 2017

Yet More Constituent Visits

APV staff and members visit Sen. Kaine just before the latest healthcare vote. July, 2017

Since the beginning of the year, APV staff and members have been trekking across the state and into the District of Columbia to visit our Virginia Congressional delegation. We’ve been talking about several things: the Trump/Russia scandal, the GOP attempt to remove health insurance from millions of Americans, the reckless support of the fossil fuel industry in the light of global climate change, the battle to privatize essential public services, like our schools, our national parks and our retirement system. We’ve made it clear again and again that progressive Americans understand the stakes and are prepared to fight back against the largest, best funded and most organized assault on the very fabric of our modern democracy in a century. With the most recent collapse of the conservative plan to reck the healthcare system on hold, Congress is now turning to “tax reform”. APV will be there to let them know, we are watching what they do and they will be held accountable.