APV Constituent Visits

APV Constituent Visits


APV members are visiting their federal legislators during this week’s Congressional recess. Today some of our VA 4th District members met with staff of Representative Donald McEachin at his Richmond office. They spoke for around an hour about many topics but most significantly about the pressing need for an independent prosecutor to investigate Trump-gate.  The group also presented a letter from APV president Rhonda Hening. We came away feeling that this was a positive and productive meeting and we look forward to more in the future.


Tomorrow, APV goes looking for the much more ellusive Congressman Brat. Stay tuned.


2017 Commonwealth Education Poll Results

Dr. Robyn McDougle presents the results of this year’s poll.


Practical Advice for the Times Ahead. Indivisible Guide

This has been making its way around the internet recently and we’re happy to share it with you. As we read through the guide we were happy to see that APV has been implementing many of these strategies already. Time permitting we will be publishing our own addendum to the guide with specific information we believe will be helpful here in Virginia.


The Morning After

From our always excellent APV blog:

“He achieved what many a politician probably envy, traction with the common man by reacting authentically to being likewise snubbed by those same elites—his famously thin skin is a political asset for the voters who feel snubbed in the same way. Making ‘fun’ of Trump will do Democrats no good. Focusing on his abundant personality faults is a losing battle, because the people who voted for him voted precisely for those faults.”

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APV #GivingTuesday

APV #GivingTuesday

Dear Friends

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with family and friends, filled with memorable moments and invigorating, soul-fortifying laughter and conversation.

But did you notice how quickly Thanksgiving gave way to the “Shopping Season”?

In the frenzy that accompanies the unofficial start of the Christmas season, the “Spirit of Giving” can transform into a hyperawareness of prices and sales; and into a focus on material wealth above all else.

First Black Friday, then Cyber Monday… and you are overwhelmed by a barrage of advertising aimed at you and your children.

All of this degrades the true spirit of the holiday, don’t you think?

Thankfully, #GivingTuesday gives us a chance to reflect on how much our lives intersect with others every day.. Celebrated across the globe, and in the U.S. as of 2012, it is a Day that Celebrates Volunteerism and Charitable Giving rather than the acquisition of material goods.

Here is your chance to to spend your dollars on something meaningful.

In Richmond, The Alliance for a Progressive Virginia fights for issues that matter to us all, and has been doing so for nearly six years. It’s good to know you have an organization here, in the center of Virginia, standing up and fighting for Progressive Values, especially now, in these uncertain and anxiety-ridden times.

APV has stood up for clean energy and the environment against Dominion Power and the energy extraction companies that want to cling to the profits of the past while preventing the Commonwealth from leading the way in adopting the technologies of the future.

We’ve stood against bigotry of all kinds and we’ve voiced our concerns at the General Assembly and before Congress, pushing for the rights of minorities, women, the LGBTQ community and the disabled. We fight for justice: equal rights under the law, and for lives free from discrimination and attack.

Here in Richmond, we’ve proudly joined with other activists to scuttle plans for “white elephant” deals like the Shockoe Bottom Stadium and the Boulevard sellout.

We work for a fair deal for Richmond families and, in particular, for a school system that serves every student.

We do a lot and we can do more with your help. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and the Web.

We’re in the midst of our fall fundraising drive and are hoping to raise at least $500 dollars this #GivingTuesday. These are hard and frightening times, the recent election has shaken us all. Now more than ever, we need to join together and stand strong! Won’t you stand with us this #GivingTuesday?

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