Justice System and the failed War on Drugs

APV strongly supports a national, system wide reassessment of the Justice system including but not limited to:

Ending mass-incarceration of non-violent drug related offenders

Ending punitive and useless three strike rules and mandatory minimums.  We have judges for a reason, let them judge.

Reassessing the plea bargain system in which prosecutors hold all the cards.

Ending the prison-industrial complex which turns the bodies of prisoners into sources of cheap labor for private businesses.

End the Failed Drug War, decriminalize possession of most drugs and legalize marijuana.

Aggressively investigate and prosecute police officers who violate the law. Investigate and purge police departments that are found to engage in systemic racism or other forms of corruption.

End the abuse of the practice of asset forfeiture.

Demilitarize local police forces

Refocus incarceration on rehabilitation where possible and provide necessary services for inmates who suffer from mental illness.