Environment and Clean Energy

Protecting our environment and promoting the swift and effective switch to clean and renewable energy solutions is enormously important to Virginia, the nation and the world.  Our very future as a civilization depends on protecting the world around us and in making a timely transition away from dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power.  APV has partnered with many environmental groups including the Sierra Club, Not on Our Fault Line and CCAN to work for serious answers to these important issues now facing our species.

APV has marched, petitioned and testified before committees at the General Assembly and in court before the State Corporation Commission in an effort to force Dominion Power to stop dragging its feet and commit to making a serious move towards clean and renewable energy.

APV has spoken out before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in opposition against Dominion’s plan to build a third reactor at the troubled North Anna facility which was knowingly built on an active fault line and is just 50 miles from the state capitol in Richmond.

APV has spoken in favor of continued efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and the rivers that feed it. A serious effort to do this will require the Commonwealth to come to grips with the pollution caused by industry, agriculture and a growing population.

APV believes in holding industry responsible when it pollutes and we have called for investigations of Duke Energy following the Dan River coal-ash spills in 2020, British Petroleum following the Deep Horizon spill and CSX and the oil companies responsible for the “bomb train” derailments in Lynchburg and elsewhere.

APV opposed the Keystone XL and we continue to oppose oil and gas pipelines proposed for Virginia.

APV opposes drilling off the East Coast of the United States and Virginia in particular.  Instead, we need a stronger commitment to bring mature, shovel ready solar, wind and tidal energy online as soon as possible.

APV supports all efforts to combat global climate change.

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