Food Safety and Sustainability

APV is deeply concerned at the further concentration of the worlds food resources in the hands of a few multinational corporations. While economies of scale may require large systems to efficiently produce and move food in general, as with Media and Energy, the public is not well served when only a few, secretive and powerful entities control a near monopoly in a given sector.

APV supports labeling of food altered with Genetically Modified Organisms so that consumers have more information when making choices about what they consume.

APV has called for an end to the revolving door between corporations and government regulatory departments that now exists and which compromises the duty to oversee these entities and powerful corporate actors.

APV supports the humane treatment of animals in general and of animals raised for food in particular.  APV supports a vigorous inspection system and oversight for factory farming complexes specifically.

APV was proud to lobby Congress successfully for language in the 2013 Agriculture appropriations bill that raised sentences for those involved with animal fighting and made it a felony to bring minors to such events.