APV supports Public Education. We support teachers, students and parents who seek to empower each new generation through a love of knowledge.

APV opposes the continued move towards publicly funded private education. The state has no place in funding private, often religiously based schools.

APV opposes giving private, for-profit corporations control of Public-School Systems.

In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, APV supports paying teachers a strong, competitive wage and we support the right of teachers to collectively bargain for pay and benefits.

APV opposes attempts by the current administration to censor teachers and curricula and the banning of books. History, literature and science need to be free and open to students and we should trust educators to do their jobs.

APV supports decoupling education funding from property taxes. Our city, Commonwealth and nation are not well served by “a have and have not” system that rewards the already successful and punishes the most vulnerable.