On Charlottesville


The Alliance for a Progressive Virginia stands in solidarity with the brave men and women who went to Charlottesville Virginia to confront and condemn the neo-Nazis who planned to gather there yesterday. We are broken-hearted at the injury and loss of life that resulted from the cowardly and vicious attack on unarmed, peaceful protesters by one the fascists. Sadly, we are not entirely surprised. The so called “alt-right” is a vehicle for a kind of politics that has not existed in this country for many, many years. It is politics predicated on racism, chauvinism and violence and must be resisted at every turn.

As a progressive organization APV rejects violence as a means of political change, but we will not stand idle while an out of control right wing spreads hatred and fear across our commonwealth and our nation. We are in the process of assessing what we can and should do in reaction to recent events, not only those in Charlottesville yesterday, but across our country. We wish in particular to condemn and denounce president Trump whose rhetoric has stoked the fires of violence and bigotry during his campaign and after the election. His prevarication and cowardly relativism at this time, when our nation is in real need of steady, competent leadership is sadly, exactly what we have come to expect from him.

Our hearts are with the individuals and their families and friends who were injured or killed yesterday. We will be posting verified links to places where the public can donate to help them with expenses.

Make no mistake, our country and the democratic values that so many have given their lives to defend, not just on foreign soil, but here at home, in the streets, is under siege by forces that would change and pervert our sacred concepts of freedom and justice. They must not be allowed to succeed. Small as we are, APV and its members will find our place and make our stand.

Rhonda Hening

President, Alliance for a Progressive Virginia

August 13th, 2017